Do your business leads communicate with you through WhatsApp?
Do you receive many messages on WhatsApp?
Responding on time which sometimes becomes difficult?

Whatsapp Chat Bot Solutions

Don't let that happen when you can leverage technology!

Use a WhatsApp bot. It is a rule-driven and AI-powered software that runs on the WhatsApp platform. So, whenever you have leads asking questions, the WhatsApp chatbot will communicate with them via automated human-like responses.

FABTARY can help here! We design, develop and deploy multilingual, AI-driven, and robust WhatsApp business chatbots solutions for multiple business domains. Here's more to our WhatsApp chatbot builder capabilities.

Get your business an Al enabled WhatsApp chatbot

70 %

Increase in Cart

120 %


40 %

Better Customer

20 %

Lower issue
resolution time

Automate your Customer Experience

While you experience improved conversions, higher revenue, and strategic insights


Connect with potential customers where they are most engaged. Utilize Click-to-WhatsApp advertisements that can be strategically positioned on both Facebook and Instagram, encouraging viewers to initiate a conversation.

Whatsapp Commerce

Establish your store on WhatsApp now, enabling your customers to explore your product catalog and make direct purchases within their preferred messaging platform, WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Automation

Set up an automated reply on WhatsApp for moments when you cannot immediately address customer inquiries, informing them that you'll be addressing their queries shortly.

Whatsapp Campaigns

Streamline large-scale business communication on WhatsApp and convert conversations into commerce through automation.

Whatsapp CRM

Efficiently address your customers around the clock, monitor and ensure timely responses to tickets, and collaborate seamlessly with your team on the move, all within a unified platform.

Make every Channel Count

Don't limit your brand to a channel. Go Omnichannel with Whatsapp Business Platform.


Amplify Your Reach & Acquire New Users

Engage with your customers on WhatsApp to generate
leads, increase revenue, and provide customer


Turn Visitors into Buyers with Chat

  • Tailor recommendations to shoppers' styles, preferences, and budgets.

  • Persuade customers with personalized, relevant conversations and options.

  • Save time with fast answers to FAQs on products, shipping, returns, and more.


Start Selling on Every Channel

  • Expand your product catalog to WhatsApp, Instagram, and Google Business Messages.

  • Empower prospects to compare, review, add to cart, and pay within messaging.

  • Re-engage shoppers who abandoned their carts and successfully complete the transaction

Make Customer Support Proactive & Smart

  • Proactively address customer pain points with service and product updates.

  • Check in with customers on FAQ success for query resolutions.

  • Minimize returns with informative buying guides for shoppers.


Solutions for Every Industry

  • E-Commerce
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Travel


A WhatsApp e-commerce chatbot offers 24/7 customer support, aiding with inquiries, orders, and tracking. It provides personalized product recommendations, reducing cart abandonment with reminders and incentives. The chatbot collects feedback, supports returns/refunds, and shares inventory updates. Multilingual support expands global reach, while data analysis informs marketing and product strategies. This versatile tool enhances customer service, drives sales, and provides valuable insights for e-commerce success.
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A WhatsApp chatbot in education revolutionizes learning by delivering instant answers to student queries, providing access to course materials, and sending reminders for assignments and exams. It offers personalized study recommendations based on individual progress and learning patterns. Additionally, it can facilitate communication between students, teachers, and administrators, fostering collaboration and engagement. With 24/7 availability, it ensures continuous support and enhances the overall education experience, making learning more accessible and efficient for students of all ages.
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A WhatsApp chatbot in retail streamlines customer interactions by offering instant product information, recommendations, and personalized shopping experiences. It assists in processing orders, tracking deliveries, and handling returns, enhancing overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, chatbots can provide real-time inventory updates and notify customers of promotions and sales, boosting engagement and sales conversions. By offering 24/7 support and seamless shopping assistance, WhatsApp chatbots significantly improve the retail experience, making it more convenient and efficient for shoppers.
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A WhatsApp chatbot in healthcare delivers instant medical information, appointment scheduling, and prescription reminders, improving patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans. It can assess symptoms, provide initial triage, and direct patients to appropriate healthcare services, reducing unnecessary visits. The chatbot ensures 24/7 availability for medical queries, offering quick responses and valuable health insights. By facilitating communication between patients and healthcare providers, it enhances overall healthcare access and efficiency while promoting proactive health management.
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In the travel industry, a WhatsApp chatbot transforms the customer experience by offering real-time travel information, booking assistance, and itinerary updates. It can recommend destinations, hotels, and activities based on user preferences, enhancing trip personalization. The chatbot handles reservation inquiries, flight status notifications, and travel insurance queries, ensuring travelers have a seamless journey. With 24/7 availability, it provides immediate support and reassurance to travelers, making travel planning and assistance more convenient and efficient.
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Why Use WhatsApp Chatbots?

WhatsApp chatbots allow you to explore and unlock the power of conversational AI customer service. Here are a few practical benefits of WhatsApp bots.

Broadened Outreach

WhatsApp chatbots can send messages to thousands of people and groups at the same time, without requiring you to monitor the activity. It can help you reach as many as you want, without spending time sending messages manually.

Higher Message Read Rate

WhatsApp chatbots send messages in a way that captures the user's attention. Most users get attracted to such messages. Thus, it increases the message's read rate and conveys the required information.

Augmented Customer Satisfaction

WhatsApp chatbots can send messages to thousands of people and groups at the same time, without requiring you to monitor the activity. It can help you reach as many as you want, without spending time sending messages manually.

Enhanced Response Rate

Quicker communication leads to faster interactions and an improved response rate within the target audience. It could also lead to quicker deal closures.

24X7 Availability

WhatsApp bots can send, receive and respond to messages even while you are away, asleep or traveling. So, you don't have to worry about responding to your leads while being unavailable. The bot remains available 24/7.

Enhanced Brand Recall

Prompt responses lead to a better brand recall. Besides, impressions matter! WhatsApp messages sent via bots are intelligent and effective enough to let people remember a particular brand, services, solutions and products.

Reduced Operational Costs

With a WhatsApp bot at the backend, you don't have to employ as many customer service agents responding to lead, prospect and customer messages on WhatsApp. You can respond to all your straightforward WhatsApp inquiries and messages promptly. You can have your agents work on complex messages. With fewer resources, you can reduce your operational cost.

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