• Do your business leads communicate with you through WhatsApp?
  • Do you receive many messages on WhatsApp?
  • Responding on time which sometimes becomes difficult?
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Whatsapp Chat Bot Solutions

Don't let that happen when you can leverage technology!

Use a WhatsApp bot. It is a rule-driven and AI-powered software that runs on the WhatsApp platform. So, whenever you have leads asking questions, the WhatsApp chatbot will communicate with them via automated human-like responses.

FABTARY can help here! We design, develop and deploy multilingual, AI-driven, and robust WhatsApp business chatbots solutions for multiple business domains. Here's more to our WhatsApp chatbot builder capabilities.

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Why Use WhatsApp Chatbots?

WhatsApp chatbots allow you to explore and unlock the power of conversational AI customer service. Here are a few practical benefits of WhatsApp bots.

  • Broadened Outreach

    WhatsApp chatbots can send messages to thousands of people and groups at the same time, without requiring you to monitor the activity. It can help you reach as many as you want, without spending time sending messages manually.

  • Higher Message Read Rate

    WhatsApp chatbots send messages in a way that captures the user's attention. Most users get attracted to such messages. Thus, it increases the message's read rate and conveys the required information.

  • Augmented Customer Satisfaction

    Automating responses expedites communication. Thus, customers wouldn't have to wait for hours to receive a response or get an answer after they've forgotten about the message.

  • Enhanced Response Rate

    Quicker communication leads to faster interactions and an improved response rate within the target audience. It could also lead to quicker deal closures.

  • 24X7 Availability

    WhatsApp bots can send, receive and respond to messages even while you are away, asleep or traveling. So, you don't have to worry about responding to your leads while being unavailable. The bot remains available 24/7.

  • Enhanced Brand Recall

    Prompt responses lead to a better brand recall. Besides, impressions matter! WhatsApp messages sent via bots are intelligent and effective enough to let people remember a particular brand, services, solutions and products.

  • Reduced Operational Costs

    With a WhatsApp bot at the backend, you don't have to employ as many customer service agents responding to lead, prospect and customer messages on WhatsApp. You can respond to all your straightforward WhatsApp inquiries and messages promptly. You can have your agents work on complex messages. With fewer resources, you can reduce your operational cost.

Why Choose FABTARY?

Here are five reasons that make FABTARY one of the most trusted WhatsApp Chat Bot solution providers in South Africa.

1. Extensive technical and strategic expertise

Create a WhatsApp chatbot with us and leverage our technical and strategic expertise through enriched features, incredible functionalities and seamless integrations.

2. High customization capabilities to deliver personalized user experiences

Customise your WhatsApp business chatbot with us and derive optimal value and engagement through it.

3. Seamless integration with the existing platforms

Integrate your WhatsApp chatbot with your existing platforms to enjoy seamless interconnectivity, interactivity and workflow optimisation.

4. Team of qualified and experienced bot developers

We nurture a team of experienced and expert WhatsApp business chatbot developers, who effortlessly build bots to create value for your business.

5. Bots for multiple business domains

We create bots for multiple business domains, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, education, etc., simplifying, accelerating and enhancing communication for them.


Let's Connect and Create!

Please write to us at info@fabtary.com. Our experts will navigate you through our capabilities, comprehensively understand your requirements, and propose precise and customized solutions.