The Role of a Video Production Company in Durban in Producing and Marketing Quality Reels and Videos

The motion picture has always been the most effective way of conveying an expression, a message, or a thought. Earlier, TV ads ruled the roost. But today, videos and reels across the digital medium have emerged as a solid counterpart. In 2022, there were nearly 3.4 billion internet users consuming video content – a number projected to grow to roughly 3.5 billion in 2023. Thus, no business in the world can ignore video content.

However, video content production and marketing are complex, challenging, and at the same time, demanding. Besides, given South Africa’s highly competitive business environment, businesses need a professional video production company in Durban to create engaging video content and reap optimal returns from it. Here’s how a professional video production and marketing company can help.

7 Areas Where a Video Production Company in Durban Proves Helpful

Watching a video or reel is fun. However, producing and marketing a video may not be as effortless as viewing it. It takes a professional team working behind the scenes to engage viewers. Partnering with a video production company can help across various areas, helping companies optimize the potential of video content. Here are seven of them.

  • Brand Identity

Brand identity is a journey and not a milestone. Besides, building it isn’t straightforward and requires patience, consistency, and persistence. But that’s not it! Building a video brand identity also requires businesses to create immersive, engaging, and rich content that delivers a brand statement. With so much to do and accomplish, over a while, a business’s determination to make videos work may fizzle out. However, partnering with a video production company can help companies address every element, including content quality and consistency, and thus enable them to build a sustainable brand identity.

  • Storytelling

These days internet users have become more demanding. Their appetite for superior content increases with every content they watch and brands they interact with. That precisely makes creating video content even more challenging and trickier. Does storytelling serve the purpose and meet user expectations? It does significantly!

Storytelling is considered one of the best and most impactful forms of marketing. People engage with stories more than any form of video. However, storytelling is a blend of various factors, including creativity and experience. While you may have that creative angle, if you lack experience, you need a video production company in Durban.

Video production companies employ professional scriptwriters who balance creativity, consumer expectations, brand guidelines, straightforwardness, and various other factors to produce a resonating and engaging video.

  • Topic Selection

With so much happening and amidst evolving user expectations, selecting a particular topic and relating it with the brand could be daunting. Many businesses often repeat topics or keep saying the same thing time and again, thus creating repetitive video content and boredom. But partnering with a video production company can help you think of new ways of engaging with your target audience and produce immersive, yet relevant content adding value to the audience.

Video production companies stay abreast of the latest and emerging trends and align your video content to also make it more visible. Managing all of it isn’t possible when you already have your core business and related strategies to focus on.

  • Video Production and Editing

Video production undergoes various phases, including pre-production, production and post-production. All these stages require expert resources, both human and technology-based to deliver a rich video-viewing experience.

Such videos have a better engagement rate, as users appreciate and love watching such videos due to their aesthetic appeal. Of course, elements like creativity and the subject matter. However, the presentation also has a significance one cannot ignore.

Video production companies take care of every aspect and provide end-to-end support. Their expertise and comprehensive support may restrict your role to discussing and approving the concept and reviewing the final copy of the video or reel’s edited version!

  • Video Marketing and Optimization

Nowadays, businesses look for complete support. Hence, while partnering with a video production company in Durban, they’d also see if the company also provides video marketing and optimization support. Professional and experienced video production companies understand this need. Although marketing isn’t their fundamental expertise, they extend their support, marketing, and optimizing the video across various social media platforms and search engines to create a considerable outreach for the content.

The support provided forms a crucial aspect when choosing a video production company in Durban to avoid working with multiple agencies on a single piece of video content. While proving cost-effective, it also benefits a business from a strategic viewpoint. The creators of a particular content piece are often in a better position to promote it.

  • Specialist Video Resources

It is apparent. Yet, we’d like to emphasize that working with professional video agencies gives you access to exclusive video resources like video production equipment, editing software, and human resources like writers, cameraperson and editing experts.

Hiring them individually as freelancers or on a full-time basis can cost you a sizable amount. Besides, buying professional video equipment, tools, and technologies will also have a considerable cost attached to it. But outsourcing can help consolidate the costs and let you save an appreciable amount every month compared to the in-house approach.

  • Peace of Mind!

Video and reel production is an investment and an additional engine you’ve put to work to generate brand trust, engagement, and business for you. When you have a video production company by your side, it is as good as switching one of your engines to auto-pilot mode and focusing on your core responsibilities.


Amidst the highly dynamic digital environment, you need the right and agile video content strategy that earns you the competitive edge. A video production with its expertise, experience, and comprehensive support can help you do that. Of course, professionals wouldn’t have a magic stick to make your business a stellar brand overnight. As stated earlier, it will take time and effort to do it. But the more competitive your content, the earlier and better you may engage.

Connect with FABTARY, a seasoned and trusted video production company in Durban with a penchant for video production and extensive marketing capabilities. The company’s experience in video production for diverse domains and positive impact makes it prudent and sustainable video partner to work with. Write to to discover FABTARY’s video production and marketing services.

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