Surprising! Your Business Can Grow Exponentially with Custom Software Development Services in Durban – 10 Ways

Grow Exponentially with Custom Software Development Services

Are you a company adjusting your business needs to the capabilities of a software solution? Doing so a decade or two ago was normal. Back then, custom software development services were a luxury reserved for established players. Hence, the smaller players had no choice but to compromise their offerings or workflows to match the software solution’s capabilities. But not anymore!

Bespoke software has become a basic necessity, especially given the competition around it. You may save the day today with off-the-shelf software. But what about the long run? Remember, the software serves the business. The vice versa may threaten a business’s existence after a while. This is where partnering with a custom software development company Durban can help. FABTARY, which works as one, explains why investing in custom software development services favors business growth.

What is Custom Software Development?

As the name suggests, custom software refers to a platform fully stitched or personalized to a business’s needs. It involves designing, creating, deploying, testing, and maintaining software tailored to a business’s distinct requirements. Unlike off-the-shelf software designed for generic use and purposes, custom software targets specific business requirements and objectives.

Unlocking Business Growth – 10 Benefits of Working with a Custom Software Development Company in SA

Here are ten ways through which a custom software solution can catalyze business growth in the long run.

  1.       Highly Specific and Tailored Solutions

Customization is at the core of every custom software. The distinct nature of every business, coupled with the competition around it, makes custom software development imperative for every company, no matter its size.

Bespoke software solutions have features, functionalities, and capabilities aligned with your business needs. A custom software development company in Durban researches and studies your business needs and workflows extensively to align the software’s elements. The outcome is a customized software platform with each aspect relevant to your business needs and its growth objectives.

  1.     Seamless Integration

Earlier, software platforms worked as standalone systems. However, today, given the significance of data, software cannot operate in isolation. Off-the-shelf software is a generic answer to your needs. Hence, it may or may not necessarily integrate with your current workflows. Somehow, even if it does, it may not deliver the outcomes you expect.

However, custom software is an immaculately crafted solution that fits your needs. Hence, the makers design it to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and workflows. The solution works in tandem with all the other systems, helps you optimize efficiency, makes better use of data, and consequently, contributes to business growth.

  1.     Considerable Long-Term Savings!

Yes. You read it right! That may make you wonder about the pricey last quotation you received from a software development company in SA. And when we say savings, precisely what are we referring to?

Remember, we are talking about long-term savings. That’s exactly what many businesses do! They feel overwhelmed with the initial investment and turn down the idea of bespoke software. But that’s not a visionary approach. Hence, it doesn’t prove healthy for the business in the long run.

Of course, custom software demands a significant initial investment. However, did you know it can help you save considerably in the long run by reducing the need for multiple software licenses and maintenance? Let alone the benefits derived from increased productivity and efficiency! Thus, you not only save but also earn.

Although significant, custom software development investment doesn’t have to break the bank. Companies like FABTARY redefine affordable custom software development with their innovative strategies and partnerships – without compromising quality and ensuring customization to a T!

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  1.     Automation

Increasing productivity is a perpetual concern for business owners these days. Conventional manual techniques do not prove as useful anymore given the contemporary consumer and competitive needs.

So, how do businesses augment their productivity? It is through automation. Customizing automation and integrating it with the business’s existing workflows can help increase productivity by 15-20* percent (specific statistics may vary).

A custom software solution empowered with automation can handle repetitive and laborious tasks. Thus, with more time on hand, your employees can do something better and more strategically useful that drives business growth.

  1.     Higher Security

Often, custom software works as a repository storing critical customer and confidential business data. Hence, regardless of your business size, you never know if your software is on the radar of a bad actor!

Undoubtedly, no technology or software is fully secure. However, customization can help enhance security. This is because the process of customization involves designing a software solution from scratch.

The most experienced and sensible software companies integrate security in the software’s design instead of keeping it as an afterthought. Besides, they consider a business’s security requirements, compliance needs, and prevailing cyber threats to keep the solution as secure as possible.

Furthermore, you can have the software solution regularly audited through the development company to secure the loopholes and prevent them from widening.

  1.     Increased Scalability

A rising growth graph is a healthy sign for every business. However, what if the business’s systems do not support or complement the growth? This is where scalability comes into play. Custom software systems are designed to scale seamlessly to accommodate increased business volumes, data, and competitive features as the need be. With that, you can grow your business, while being assured about the systems supporting your growth.

  1.     Strategic Advantage

Personalized software offers several operational advantages. But what if we tell you, it can prove strategically beneficial as well? Yes. That’s true. Customized software is unique. Hence, no other business but yours uses it. As a business, you will be armed with a software platform that exclusively serves you and is geared to fulfill its needs. Such software allows you to design and integrate your workflows optimally to achieve your commercial and strategic vision.

  1.     Enhanced Custom Experiences

Earlier, customers looked for services and products. However, as consumer psychology evolved, so did the expectations! So, today, a customer expects more than what you’ve promised. Precisely, they look for experiences!

While accounting for a business’s needs, custom software also considers customer expectations. The best providers in the business help you integrate features that your customers need to accomplish more value from the software solution. For example, a food delivery app with a live tracking mechanism helps customers stay assured about their order and contribute to their experience. Such customers are likely to stay loyal to your business and drive business growth.

  1.     Increased Adaptability

One of the keys to growing a business is being responsive to the evolving market. Businesses that do it stay afloat. Those that don’t are likely to drown! The software platform you use has a pivotal role to play. A customized one adapts to the evolving market needs through regular updates and updates. Essentially, it enhances your responsiveness to the dynamic environment and helps you thrive.

  1.   Advanced Analytics and Reporting

A software platform is practically useless if it doesn’t allow you to use the business data it generates and stores for you. Ideally, it should enable you to gather data and drive insights through advanced analytics. A custom software platform comes equipped with these features. It enables you to analyze data and present it in a form that steers informed decision-making.

Achieve the Strategic Custom Software Advantage with FABTARY!

FABTARY is a responsible and empathetic custom software development company in SA. We employ innovative practices and strategies to make bespoke software development accessible, available, and affordable to everyone. Our experts architect a project and its roadmap to suit your requirements.

So, you don’t have to compromise or adjust your business needs to the software solution’s offerings. With us, you will have a platform made exclusively with your requirements in mind. And that too without requiring you to spend a fortune! Email us at to discover how we can help you optimize business growth with our strategic approach and matchless capabilities.

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