Unbelievable! Is Mastering Social Media Strategy Really This Easy? 10 Tips to Nail Your Social Media Plan.

Are you looking to grow your social media presence but unable to cut through the competition and wondering if you’d make it someday? Honestly, if you begin doubting yourself, you will never make it big across the social media space! Of course, we never said social media marketing would be a piece of cake. However, believe us, with this step-by-step guide, it won’t remain difficult either. So, here’s us revealing ten jaw-dropping insider tips for a pro-social media strategy!

Drive Value Through Your Social Media Presence with These Ten Tips

Ok before we begin, let us tell you something. Of course, we hate to tell it but that’s the reality. Social media strategy isn’t a magic stick that can turn things around overnight. It takes time. How much? No one can predict that. It could be a week, a month, or maybe a year, or more. The more uniquely you present yourself and the more you stay consistent and connected, the better! Let’s get going now.

  • Establish Your Goals

Do you know why many businesses fail to get noticed on social media? One of the many reasons for this is unclear goals. Social media isn’t about posting anything and everything. It is a strategic playground where you have the precision of thoughts and echoing them through the content matters. In other words, it is your social media marketing objectives that will drive your content tone, communication style, and the actions you expect people to take while interacting with your content.

Some common social media goals include the following.

  •       Increasing brand awareness
  •       Expanding the brand’s reach
  •       Driving website traffic
  •       Enhancing user engagement
  •       Generating leads

You cannot (rather, shouldn’t) do all of the above together, at least initially. If you are an absolute beginner, you should begin with increasing brand awareness and then graduate to the next goal. It should start with establishing your presence, making it felt, creating the buzz, and then attempting to drive tangible value via leads.

So, essentially, social media marketing is a journey. Unlike many other businesses that jump to generate leads right from day one, go step by step. Stay mindful about what you do, and the mistakes you commit, learn from them, and evolve to become a more social media-friendly brand!


  • Know and Understand Your Target Audience

Everything you do on social media is to capture the attention of your target audiences and engage with them. Thus, it goes without saying that you should keep your target users at the center of your social media strategy. However, to connect with people, you should know who they are and understand their needs. Accordingly, you should research everything about your target audience and their buyer personas. Scanning through such a huge database may seem challenging. However, it isn’t as laborious when you have social media analytics that can simplify the job for you.

Once you create segments of your target audience, you begin understanding their needs and ways to engage with them. It is necessary, especially when you have an offering that covers multiple generations or a broader group of audience. For instance, for a 15-30-year-old audience, you may keep the tone a little casual and the language trendy to make them engage. On the other hand, for an older generation, the tone could be a little more serious, although not critical.

That’s particularly the beauty of social media. It allows you to be creative and specific. Unlike other conventional forms of marketing that don’t allow you to be as particular, social media enables you to reach people in the way they like. That’s why 70-75 percent of experienced marketers say social media helps them generate leads for their business.

  • Select the Right Social Media Platform

With so many social media platforms brimming with opportunities, you may be tempted to use them all. However, as an expert company that does social media planning in Durban, South Africa, we’d ask you to refrain from doing it. Why?

Not every social media is relevant for every business. For instance, LinkedIn marketing may not be necessarily relevant for a beauty salon that works at the local consumer level. Similarly, Instagram may not work as much as LinkedIn or Facebook for an IT company. Although it can still use Instagram for employee-centric or talent acquisition-related activities.

Remember, there’s no harm in using any social media platform for your business. After all, impressions matter. However, when you work with a particular objective, you have to be very specific with even the platform you choose. What’s the point in diverting your energies to something that won’t yield the desired outcome?

  • Set Your Marketing and Communication Tone

Your tone refers to the mood you want to maintain. It is usually driven by your social media objectives and your offerings. So, while setting up your social media strategy, you must decide on a particular tone that you’d want to maintain and keep your content focused around it. For example, you’d want to keep a serious tone if you are someone dealing with cybersecurity.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that there’s no hard and fast rule here. What matters is how relevant you are and if you don’t go overboard either offending people or boring them. For instance, a sustainable energy company, although dealing with a pretty serious subject matter, may still keep a light tone (without getting too casual) and convey its message in a friendly and playful manner.

The objective is to engage with people. It undoubtedly takes extensive research and also some trial and error-based experience to know what works and what doesn’t. But that’s normal and no brand usually gets it right in the first attempt. After all, social media marketing is a journey of evolution!

  • Craft Engaging and Diverse Content

Content is at the nucleus of everything, including your strategy, engagement tactics, objectives, and everything else. If your content connects, everything else falls in place. That’s because social media is about engaging and connecting. Content plays a crucial role in it. Accordingly, you should be creating content that’s trending, relevant for your users, and immersive.

While that’s understood, how will you do that? Again, there’s no fixed algebraic formula that leads you to the desired outcome. It is about using your creativity, knowing what people love to see, what’s trending, and what your competitors are doing, taking cross references from other industries, trying new content, ensuring consistency, and maintaining diversity.

When it comes to trending, you can take up a particular event. Let’s say an achievement like the national team winning a particular trophy or sports tournament. Relating your business with it relevantly and naturally can help you leverage that moment and create a memorable impression. Of course, that’s just an example. You can do much more than that by being more creative.

On the other hand, diversity refers to providing variety. Maintaining the same content form, say graphics may become monotonous. People will eventually begin avoiding your content. Or else, it may get lost in the millions of ads that people see daily in their social media feeds. That would defeat the purpose of social media. To avoid it, give your users something fresh and appealing to stay connected and engaged with your social media page.

For example, suppose you are a beauty and makeup institute, looking to provide your audience with some natural makeup tips. You may create a video or a reel that shows the procedure and its outcome. On the other hand, if you are a company that develops finance software, you may present some compelling statistics in the form of a high-quality graphic that captivates the user’s attention.

  • Strategize Your Posting Schedule

Did you know every social media platform has its unique strategic posting schedules? In simple words, these are times when the users on these platforms are optimally active, and therefore, posting your content during these times will help you maximize your engagement. Accordingly, you should study the schedules of every social media platform and set up your posting timetable. However, as that can take time, here are some insights for your ready reference.

Note: None of the social media platforms have a perfect or specific frequency digit. Hence, while being approximate, the below numbers may vary depending on your offerings, time zone, audience preferences, posting requirements, etc.

Frequency of Posting

  •       Facebook: 3-4 times a week
  •       Twitter: 3-12 times per day
  •       Instagram: Once or twice every day
  •       Instagram Stories: 9-15 stories twice per week
  •       Pinterest: 4-10 times per day
  •       LinkedIn: Once every day

Time of Posting

  •       Facebook: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday between 9-10 AM to 1-2 PM
  •       Twitter: Monday and Wednesday or Thursday at 8-9 AM
  •       Instagram: Tuesday, or Wednesday between 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM
  •       Pinterest: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday between 12-2 PM
  •       LinkedIn: Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday at 9-9:30 AM

Partnering with an agency that does social media planning in Durban will help you identify the right time for your audience and social media campaign.


  • Keep Studying Your Competition

Believe it or not, competitors are amongst the best sources of learning. Analyzing their social media campaigns, content, and the engagement they generate can help you learn how they’ve been performing. It can also help you educate yourself about the mistakes they’ve made and know what to avoid while dealing with a particular set of audiences. So, never underestimate your competitors and ignore them in your endeavor to become a heavyweight across the social space. Follow them and keep reviewing them. As we always say, don’t copy anyone. But no one will stop you from seeking inspiration and attempting to do better than them!

  • Track Your Performance

Earlier, tracking a marketer or a marketing campaign’s performance was pretty challenging. That’s because you cannot always have the number of orders as the only parameter to see if your marketing efforts have turned fruitful enough. No doubt, that’s the ultimate criterion. But it isn’t the only one. Thanks to social media analytics. It helps you measure your performance across various aspects. For example, you can check how well a particular post engaged with your audience, the number of leads it generated (if any), and the value it helped create.

With that, we’d say one of the keys to achieving social media success is tracking your performance regularly and seeing if your campaign is performing as desired. It will also help you identify the changes your campaign or content approach requires to be more effective and value-driven for your audience.

  • Stay Connected and Consistent

Social media isn’t a one-time strategy or activity. It requires you to be consistent and stay connected with the audience. Consistency refers to maintaining a particular frequency of posting, ensuring uniformity in the tone of communication, standardizing visual elements, and more. On the other hand, staying connected means keeping in touch with your audiences, responding to them, thanking them, acknowledging their support, and much more. No matter whether your audiences appreciate you or criticize you, you should ensure you respond to them.

  • Keep Improving!

This isn’t a tip but a value you should nurture as an organization and a social media player. Ensuring continuous improvements refers to being better in your content quality, being more diverse, and introducing something fresh that enhances your audience’s social media experience. There’s much more than these aspects and what to do and what not purely depends on your context.

Final Words

Social media is a robust marketing platform. No one can deny that! Although every business has the same platform to play on, only a few make it to the top. What differentiates them from those below them at the points table is their strategy. Social media demands an organized approach, staying mindful about everything happening around and being responsive. We hope you find the above useful enough in getting started with your social media journey as a business. For help concerning social media planning in Durban and flawless implementation of the plan, you’ve got FABTARY. Email us at info@fabtary.com to learn how we can help you navigate the world of social media and drive value from your presence.

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