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Are you looking to build a mobile application for your business? OK. Many people would tell you, rather scare you with the huge sums of money you’d be required to develop the application. But does that have to be the case? Not necessarily. Of course, you cannot make a mobile application for free. But you wouldn’t have to spend as much either. Partnering with the top mobile apps development company in South Africa like FABTARY can help you build a mobile app much more affordably. But how is that?

What’s FABTARY – Mobile Apps Development Company in South Africa!

With decades of cumulative experience, a wonderful team and access to the latest mobile app development stack, FABTARY is a standout among mobile apps development companies in South Africa. While being experts in mobile app development, our result-oriented approach, agile development and testing methodologies, enable us to build phenomenal mobile applications in a shorter timeframe.

Our experts blend elements from the latest mobile app development stack to craft a symphony of rich features and functionalities. Collaboratively, these elements result in an application resonating with the target users and fulfilling each of their expectations, thus putting our client’s brand in a positive light. So yes, we are not only among the league of top mobile apps development in South Africa but also among the most trusted ones.

How Capable Is FABTARY in Mobile App Development?

One can gauge our capabilities through our range of mobile application solutions, the diverse applications for which we create mobile apps, scalability and an authoritative UX.

  • Range of Mobile App Solutions

Our mobile app development expertise covers mobile app strategy, consultation, development, testing, deployment and maintenance. But that’s not it. We also develop Android, iOS and React Native apps under our mobile app development umbrella.

  • Diverse Business Domains

We are technical as well as strategic mobile app development experts. Accordingly, we create mobile applications of varying sizes, types and complexities for diverse business domains, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, retail, eCommerce, and others. Our highly sophisticated and customised applications help our clients earn a strategic competitive edge and derive tangible returns from their mobile app investment.

  • Scalability and UX

Another significant aspect of establishing our credibility in the mobile app development domain is extensive scalability and a remarkable UX.

Often, mobile apps work well initially but succumb to the pressures of business growth. However, that’s not the case when you develop a mobile application with us. Our mobile applications remain scalable at every point and stay aligned with your business growth, thus supporting you at each milestone of your business. Besides, the UX is designed to deliver incredibly rich, relevant and resonating mobile app experiences to users!

Does FABTARY Have a Secret Sauce to Affordable Mobile App Development?

So, how do we create affordable mobile applications? What’s our competitive advantage? Honestly, it’s no secret.

When it comes to affordability, we leverage the low-code/no-code approach or app development methodology. It is a more cost-effective methodology than the conventional manual mobile app development, involving writing codes and developing every aspect from scratch. Thus, low-code/no-code demands fewer resources, less effort and fewer development hours. The result is a much quicker and more affordable mobile app development. But does that compromise on quality? No. It doesn’t.

Additionally, we leverage our in-house capabilities to the fullest and outsource only if required. That helps us earn a competitive commercial advantage and pass it on to our clients looking for affordable mobile app development.

So, What’s Your Take?

So, now that you know where and how to build affordable mobile apps, the next step is to partner with us. While ensuring affordability, we’d ensure uncompromised mobile app quality, scalability, competent features and functionalities and a memorable mobile app experience that catalyses business growth. Please write to us at to receive a quick quote and more specific information about your mobile app development needs.

Lungile Mbeke

Lungile Mbeke


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