Latest Custom Software Development Trends 2024

Custom software development is a highly dynamic realm where trends and technologies remain highly user-driven and keep evolving. Although we are halfway through 2024, we may have much to witness within the custom software development space. So, amidst so much happening and emerging, let’s overview a few significant custom software development trends in 2024 through the lens of FABTARY, a custom software company.


Blockchain has been ranking consistently on the list of software development trends over the past few years. It is because, first, blockchain is very useful and secure and second, it is a new and continuously evolving technology.

Blockchain brings a wealth of offerings, including digital identity management, smart contracts, transparent distributed ledgers and more. Many supply-chain and BFSI organisations have benefitted from blockchain, securing data with cryptography. Besides, as there’s no centralised authority for data control, data on the blockchain remains more secure and safe from malicious attacks and other types of cyber threats.

2.Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) has become a hit within the eCommerce, gaming and entertainment industry. It allows businesses to provide more detailed information on their offerings to their prospects and clients. Besides, it can help clients avail of the benefits themselves, thus enabling quicker and better decision-making. For instance, in retail, AR can help consumers try clothes virtually and see how they look on them without wearing them physically. It can save time and accelerate the sales process.

3.Internet of Things

Popularly known by its acronym IoT, the Internet of Things is another trending technology within the custom software development space. It involves mobile devices connected to the internet to enable remote monitoring and controlling through automation. It helps businesses collect and analyse data to make more informed decisions. Some latest examples include voice assistants like Alexa and Siri. IoT has significantly benefitted the banking and healthcare sectors that have integrated IoT wholeheartedly.



DevSecOps, which stands for Development, Security and Operations involves integrating security in the software development life cycle. It integrates security at every level of the software development process and is not kept as an afterthought.

Additionally, DevSecOps automates the security process and fosters effective collaboration between team members from various departments. Besides, it also helps identify security threats and vulnerabilities during software development, thus contributing to the software’s security.

5.Microservices Architecture

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