How a Retail Business Grew Multifold with WhatsApp Bots?

With time and technology, there has been a shift in the way consumers and prospects interact with retail brands. In the olden days, they preferred calling the store. But today, no one likes calling and waiting for the hunting lines to connect. They prefer dropping a message through messengers like WhatsApp and expect prompt responses. So, in other words, today’s consumer wants to be served instantly and served hot!

An emerging retail business in South Africa used to receive thousands of messages daily on its WhatsApp number, enquiring about product availability, offers, home delivery, etc. While the team did its best to respond to every message, the practice itself consumed much of the team’s productive bandwidth and resulted in delays. Integrating WhatsApp proved a game-changer though. It resulted in tangible lead growth, an appreciable increase in customer satisfaction, and more. Let’s delve more into it.

WhatsApp Messenger Statistics that Will Leave You Amazed!

Yes. We will take you to a retail business case study and how integrating WhatsApp bots helped it achieve wonderful numbers. But before that, we’d look at the enormous market WhatsApp has created for itself and how it is benefiting businesses.

WhatsApp has revolutionized communication by doing one simple thing – making it quicker than ever! WhatsApp wasn’t the first one in the market to do it. Yet, it met with a humongous response. And, the fact that it kept evolving all along further paved the way for its continued growth and acceptance. Here are some figures making the growth and dominance of WhatsApp evident in the global market.

  • Nearly five million businesses have adopted WhatsApp Business App.
  • WhatsApp is the preferred channel for 78-80% of people in 180 nations.
  • 65-70% of users say WhatsApp is the easiest way of connecting with a business.
  • WhatsApp messages have a 98-99% open rate and 38-40% response rate.
  • 72-75% of adults like messaging businesses the way they message their friends.
  • 91-92% of instant messages are opened within three minutes of receipt.

The above statistics indicate that every retail business looking for quick growth and a range of other tangible benefits should use WhatsApp. But limiting to using WhatsApp and responding manually won’t serve the purpose. With the use of WhatsApp becoming more and more prevalent by the day, you need a WhatsApp bot that helps you manage, expedite, and enhance communications. That’s precisely what the retail brand did.

How did WhatsApp Chatbot Development Benefit the Retail Company?

WhatsApp chatbot development and integration proved advantageous for the retail enterprise commercially, strategically, and competitively. Here’s more to them.

  • Expedited and 24/7 Communication

The company programmed its WhatsApp bots for multiple languages and thousands of questions asked in various ways and forms. That helped the bot stay prepared for 99% of the users’ questions and provide them with precise and highly aligned responses. Besides, unlike humans who would suffer from fatigue after a while, WhatsApp bots worked 24/7, thus serving the company’s consumers and prospects comprehensively.

  • Intelligent Responses

The retail company developed an AI-ML-driven WhatsApp chatbot. While AI-enabled intelligent responses, ML automated the task and helped the bot evolve with every user interaction. Thus, customer service on this front was taken care of by the bot!

  • Personalized Product Selection

WhatsApp chatbot also allowed the company’s prospects and consumers to choose and filter the products they need. They can select the product based on their preferences. Consumers prefer interacting with a business with which they can chat and shop rather than doing all of it after visiting the crowded store.

  • Product Marketing Communication

WhatsApp chatbot led to an overall improvement in the business’s customer service. AI-driven bots can quickly analyze a customer’s journey with the retail brand, devise personalized marketing communication, and send it to them. It helped the company increase its engagement rate, as customers now started getting updates about the products and offers they had been looking for.

  • Significant Lead Growth

The chatbot helped the company amplify its marketing effect, resulting in a steady and convincing lead growth that fared between 27-32% across a year’s time frame.

  • Massive Sales Generation

Sales generation is the end and, thus, the most important result for any marketing or engineering effort. With more personalized marketing, accelerated communication, reduced prospect-sales time, and improved customer journeys, WhatsApp chatbot development and integration led to a ZAR 2.5 million increase in sales.


You cannot ignore WhatsApp in today’s context. It has a massive user base and offers the convenience of communication. Today, the more convenient, seamless and personalized interactions, the better. Not only retail but WhatsApp chatbot development can benefit other businesses like hospitality, digital marketing, real estate, job portals, banking, healthcare, and many others. Connect with FABTARY at if you are looking for a custom WhatsApp chatbot development company. FABTARY leverages its skills, intellect, and capabilities to develop and integrate a chatbot that serves your needs.

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