Change the Face of Your Graphic Forever with these 8 Killer Graphic Design Strategies – Wait for the Third One!

Images create a more lasting memory than text! That’s because the human brain processes a picture more quickly and easily than words. Graphic design is part of the realm of digital marketing that thrives on the magic that images create. No wonder 50-55 percent of businesses worldwide rely on graphic designs for more effective customer communication.

However, on the other hand, that also makes graphic design a competitive space. Hence, you need strategies that your graphics stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impact. If you’ve been looking to amplify your graphic design impact, here are eight incredibly effective and proven strategies from FABTARY, a trusted graphic design company in Durban.

8 Incredible Graphic Design Strategies to Enhance Your Brand Prominence

A graphic is part of a brand’s content that serves multiple objectives. Hence, you need a well-rounded strategy that touches every aspect to earn that competitive and strategic edge. Here are some effective strategies to incorporate.

  1.       Design a Memorable Logo

Logos speak for their brands. Ever wondered why you don’t need Apple to be written below its logo or McDonald’s for that matter near its logo? Of course, they’ve been around in the market for decades. So, they surely have the time advantage with them. However, while attributing time one cannot discount the beauty of their logos and thought that drives their success.

Take McDonalds for example. Simple yet artistic and memorable. Those golden arches indicate the first letter of the brand. But that’s more than enough for people to recognize it is none other than the global fast-food giant – McDonalds.

Accordingly, you should invest time, effort, and thought in designing an expressive logo that stays in people’s memory for long. Of course, designing one isn’t as straightforward as talking about it is. However, logos don’t change frequently. So, whatever you do will become your identity. Thus, ensure you do it right. No worries if it takes some time for you to finalize a logo. But when you do, let it be something that tells your brand’s story and the deep thought involved in designing it.

Seek help from a company working in graphic and website design in Durban. The agency’s creative thought process and graphic design expertise will help you design an outstanding logo for your business, while you focus on your core work.

  1.     Write a Tantalizing Tagline

Taglines may not drive sales directly. But they have an interesting story to tell and a message that steers people’s interest in your business. While creating a tagline, ensure it is concise, precise, and addresses your target audience’s problems or needs. Also, make sure you maintain the right tone in the tagline. For instance, if you are a sustainable energy business, you will have to maintain a pretty serious, yet hopeful tone. However, on the other hand, if you are a boutique selling trending clothes, you’ll have to have a tagline that’s fun-filled and enticing.

The tagline depends on what you want your target audiences to do when they come across your brand. Nevertheless, ensure it captivates the audience’s attention with as few, relevant and hard-hitting words as possible. Together, the logo and tagline should keep lingering in your audience’s subconscious mind so that they remember your business for a longer time.

  1.     Create Nostalgia!

Nostalgia is a unique and unparalleled sentiment. However, when it comes to graphics, it is up to you how you leverage it and make it work for your business. So, how do you do that? It takes some intellectual brainstorming to relate your business or product with beautiful memories from the past. Marketing campaigns with graphics that transport people back in time and let them cherish those sweet old memories generate positive feelings and responses.

While creating such an emotion, don’t use too specific or rare images. Instead, use shared memories and experiences with well-known iconic images that resonate with the target audience. Nevertheless, you will have to ensure that you relate your business or offerings with that memory seamlessly. Or else, both these elements will look disconnected and irrelevant.

  1.     Capitalize on Content

We simply cannot emphasize this point enough! So, it won’t be wrong to say content is everything. Graphic design, which is part of a brand’s content strategy, isn’t an exception. Content can work wonders when it is well-written, created, designed, and presented. While creating graphic content, ensure your content is short, yet to the point. Too much verbose content can spoil the show. It can clutter the graphic design and make it look messy. Besides, content should be unique and straightforward enough for users to read and take the next steps.

Some ways to engage via content include asking questions and making people wonder, presenting some compelling statistics, a never-before-heard relevant fact, a client testimonial, an industry endorsement or rating, and more. Here, you can get as creative as possible – but while avoiding the use of offensive and hurting statements, images, etc., in the content.

  1.     Select an Appropriate Typeface

While your image can say a lot, your typeface can make or break the game! An unreadable typeface or an irrelevant one can spoil the show and render the graphic design useless, draining all your efforts down. Hence, the typeface you choose should be readable and clear at varying sizes. Use fonts that suit the situation and the tone of your messaging. However, in any case, ensure it doesn’t impede the emotion, flavor, or meaning of the message.

  1.     Use Premium Images

While taglines create intrigue, it is images that hold the onlooker’s attention. Hence, never compromise on the quality of images. As far as possible, give a human angle through your image to the graphic. It means using images of real human beings to make the graphic more expressive. However, it may not be possible in all cases. In such situations, you may use vectors.

If you want to show your products through graphic design, show it while in use to make it even more interactive. For instance, if you sell chocobars, show people enjoying it. On the other hand, if you are an automobile brand, show a happy family in it or probably a couple standing near it. The more expressive your image, the more impressive it will turn out to be.

  1.     Design Mobile-Friendly Graphics

Most people will see your graphics on their mobiles. They wouldn’t want until they get to their laptop or desktop to see them. Hence, incorporate the mobile-friendly aspect while designing the graphic. Test and verify that every element of the graphic is as properly and visible on a mobile phone as much as it is on other screens. Prioritize mobile-friendly graphic designs so that you don’t tap into the opportunities coming your way through smartphones.

Have an agency specializing in mobile app, graphic, and web design in Durban to venture successfully into the mobile space.

  1.     Leverage the Power of Infographics

Infographics serve multiple purposes. While capturing the user’s attention, they also provide vital insights into something. Adding an infographic to your website or social media campaign can augment your traffic by 10-12 percent! Infographics comprise easy-to-consume statistics, useful tips, critical information, and more through visual means. The more easily consumable and insightful the graphic content, the more engaging it is.

In a Nutshell!

Let’s conclude that graphic design is a strategy. Hence, it deserves as much attention as every other marketing element does or already has. Some key takeaways from the above include the following.

  •       Keep the graphic design straightforward, clean, and de-cluttered
  •       Use a relatable typeface to make it more comprehensible
  •       Use human elements and premium images to make it more expressive
  •       Create unforgettable taglines to bear fruits in the long run
  •       Prepare a relevant, relatable, and memorable logo for the business
  •       Make use of nostalgia to connect emotionally
  •       Focus on quality content rather than verbose messages
  •       Lastly, keep studying your competitors. Learn from them and seek inspiration from them while not copying them!

Graphic design can be challenging and dotted with various technicalities, dealing with which requires you to have professionals by your side. Choose FABTARY, a graphic design company in Durban. Our years of expertise, proven track record, and extensive graphic design portfolio together speak for our credibility. Email us at to discover how we can create mesmerizing graphics and create value for your brand as your brand digital managers.


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