Factors to Consider While Choosing Top SEO Agencies

Search engine optimisation (SEO) forms a significant part of every company’s digital marketing endeavour. Optimising your website and digital identity across the search engine space makes you more visible and drives more opportunities towards you. It helps increase a businesss sales and growth potential via better quality leads who visit a particular website or interact with an intention to transact with it. 

No wonder, globally, even small to mid-sized spend as much as five to ten thousand US dollars on SEO every month! However, SEO is as complex and dynamic as advantageous. The ever-changing algorithms of leading search engines like Google and Bing make the road to top rankings even stonier. Accordingly, companies should prefer partnering with a reliable SEO agency that does justice to its investments through tangible results.

If you are a South Africa-based business that has decided to ramp up its SEO efforts, you must choose one of the top SEO agencies in South Africa. Here’s how to choose the right one.

5 Factors to Consider While Choosing Among the Top SEO Agencies in South Africa 

Making a choice among the top SEO agencies in South Africa could prove tricky. Since you will be investing a significant amount, you cannot afford to make a random choice. You should vet the agency across various aspects before you sign the papers. While you could have your unique criterion to select an SEO agency in South Africa, you shouldn’t miss on these five essential factors.

1.Technical Expertise and Experience

One of the first aspects to assess an SEO agency is its technical expertise. It involves the company’s SEO expertise which in turn could include its support in areas like technical SEO, on-page and off-page SEO, local SEO, hyperlocal SEO (particularly for B2C businesses like institutes, salons, retail shops, etc.), mobile SEO and content SEO. 

Ideally, you should consider proceeding with a company with proven expertise in these areas. Another significant aspect is the company’s experience. The number of years would matter but not as much as the project range the company has delivered. 

Preferably, you should choose an SEO company in South Africa with experience in your business. Besides, you should look for tangible results across factors like rankings, bounce rate, website traffic, leads, etc.

2.SEO Practices and Commitments

Your prospective SEO agency in South Africa should adhere to the latest, best and most ethical practices as approved by the search engine. Indulging in unethical SEO practices can result in short-lived benefits. Besides, such practices could also lead to penalties, including blacklisting and deteriorated rankings. All in all, while it could be tempting to skyrocket the rankings through unethical practices, it isn’t a healthy strategy from the sustainability viewpoint.

Another vital aspect is the SEO agency’s commitments. Remember, no agency, no matter how experienced, can commit to the top rankings within a particular timeframe. SEO is something that takes time and requires consistent efforts in a strategically appropriate direction to make a website stand out amidst the competition.

3.Online and Offline Reviews and Feedback

Make it a point to check the company’s online reviews on Google to gauge its credibility. But do not confine yourself to online rankings. Insist on speaking to the company’s past and present clients and checking how it has been faring with them. Doing so can help you understand the company’s trustworthiness, merits and demerits. The exercise can help you prepare for and prevent problems that may surface later. You will also find yourself in a better position while negotiating the deal.

4.SEO Experts and SEO Support

Review the company’s SEO team and interact with the execution team to understand its capabilities and approach. Ideally, having a blend of experienced and novices can help drive the SEO campaign better. On the other hand, also check if the company provides all the SEO services in-house or outsources parts like content, etc. In the case of the latter, ensure the resources availability per your project requirements to avoid delays.

5.SEO Packages Beware of Quick and Cheap SEO!

Many SEO companies may lure you with quick and cheap SEO packages. But refrain from partnering with them to every extent possible, as theres nothing like quick and cheap especially when it comes to SEO! The search engine space is competitive and requires a considerable investment to build long-term results. Hence, instead, you should consider investing in an SEO company in South Africa, South Africa that offers reasonably priced SEO packages with a practical commitment to deliver steady and positive results.


SEO is undoubtedly the road to success across the ever-expanding and densely crowded virtual cosmos. But your choice of SEO agency can make or break your endeavours. Thus, merely deciding to invest in SEO doesn’t suffice. You need a professional SEO partner that channelises your investment appropriately and delivers optimistic results.

Also, nothing great happens overnight. So, stay patient and continue making focused efforts. While ensuring regular reporting, give your SEO agency enough time and space to deliver positive results across a reasonable timeframe.

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