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About the Client

AB Projects is a South African civil engineering company of substantial repute and credibility. The company had submitted its tender for a critical government project. But creating accountability for ground expenses is a significant challenge for government agencies and departments. Hence, to qualify for the tender, AB Projects had to offer proof and a record of the work conducted by its contractors.

Thus, the company required a technological solution that will help them create timestamps, records, map work done by workers, etc. FABTARY proposed a solution that proposed a system that will fulfil certain goals that will help ther company meet the fundamental requirement of their prospect.


The Problems/Challenges

FABTARY was presented with a host of challenges, many of which required us to work from scratch. Some of the most crucial ones included the following.


  • Absence of historical data
  • Building database from zero
  • Poor internet and mobile connectivity in remote locations
  • Conducting user training and implementation

In addition, the timelines we were looking at were highly crunched timeline, wherein we had to achieve a lot within a short timeframe. Thus, the project required us to be agile and act quickly to achieve the objectives expected


Initial Proposal

Our initial proposal involved a system that will help the company create,

  • Attendance registers with GPS coordinates and time stamps
  • Equipment records and PPEs issued to each employee
  • Dashboard-based employee record of performance and safety incidents
  • Cloud-based document management system
  • Day summary including management decision, major changes, day highlights and incidents (if any).
  • Records of weekly and monthly meetings
  • Mapping of the work done by each beneficiary
  • Live map of workers locations across the site

Our Solution

Despite serving a demanding solution within a short timeframe, we adopted a composed, organized and thoughtful approach. Thus, while handling one problem at a time, we ensured every step and solution of ours took our client a step closer to their objectives. Our solutions included the following.

  • Enabling the system to capture information from past records
  • Creating an offline module to log attendance and capture start locations
  • Simplifying use with pictures and the least number of clicks
  • Completing the project with an organized phased approach


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