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Upgrading from Legacy Manual Processes to Automated Technology-Based Application

About the Client

HKM Yarns is a leading and significant yarn supplier and dealer in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. The company is involved in the import of yarns, fabric, and various other raw materials for the textile industry. Its significant suppliers include those from Taiwan, China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.


About the Problem

HKM Yarn, like many other yarn dealers across South Africa, used manual inventory management methods. Lately, they did move to MS Excel, but that did not help the company automate inventory or usher efficiency in the company's inventory management ecosystem.

HKM had about 200,000 boxes in its warehouse. It wanted to manage its dispatches via an intelligent inventory management system that would suggest to them the batches to be sold first and close to the order quantity. The company required a comprehensive inventory view with four search filters.

The company tried to get into a dialogue with inventory and warehouse management companies to devise a custom inventory solution. But the efforts did not come to fruition, as none could engineer an inventory management solution that, while managing inventory, would minimize disruption.


Our Solution

Our well-defined process and organized approach involved reviewing the problem and studying the client's existing inventory management process. It helped us translate our efforts into a thoroughly customized mobile responsive and cloud-based WIMS (Warehouse and Inventory Management System) that will offer the following features.

  • Snapshot and real-time bird eye view of the available inventory, dispatch, logistics, and bills at every moment
  • Batch tracking for different products filters up to 5 levels
  • Manage dispatches and generate delivery notes
  • Manage multiple stock locations
  • Accurate logistic cost calculation and reporting
  • Email delivery notes
  • Manage users and customers
  • Numerous users with permission model
  • Mobile-friendly accessible
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Our Results

Here's how our solution impacted our client's inventory management system.

  • Efficient inventory management across three locations
  • 95 percent reduction in isolated boxes and batches
  • 90 percent reduction in returned goods
  • Ability to manage triple the dispatch volume
  • Logistics cost optimized by about 30 percent
  • A staggering 40 percent increase in annual revenue!

HKM Yarns

Inventory Management Software

HKM Inventory Management Software is a powerful solution designed to help HKM Yarns efficiently manage their fabric inventory, optimize supply chains, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Key Features of HKM Inventory Management Software:

Real-time Tracking: The software enables HKM to track inventory items in real-time, allowing for accurate visibility into stock levels, item movements, and availability. This helps prevent stockouts, overstocking, and associated financial losses

Centralized Database: The Inventory Management Software provides a centralized database where HKM can store comprehensive information about each inventory item. This includes details such as product descriptions, SKUs, barcodes, images, and vendor information.

Automated Reordering: The software often includes automated reorder point triggers and alerts. When inventory levels reach predefined thresholds, the system can generate purchase orders or alerts to ensure timely replenishment.

Multi-location Support: For the multiple warehouses for HKM at various locations, the software offers the capability to manage inventory across various sites. This helps in optimizing distribution and maintaining appropriate stock levels in different regions.

Barcode Scanning:Barcode scanning functionality simplifies inventory management by allowing users to quickly scan items for tracking purposes, reducing manual data entry errors and improving accuracy.

Reporting and AnalyticsHKM Inventory Management Software provides reporting and analytics tools that offer insights into inventory turnover, stock aging, sales trends, and more. These insights aid in making informed decisions about inventory strategies. .

Integration with Sales: This smart tool integrate with sales systems, allowing the brand to automatically update inventory levels based on sales transactions. This ensures that inventory data remains up-to-date without manual intervention.

User Access Control: The software includes role-based access control, allowing them to restrict access to sensitive inventory data while ensuring relevant team members have appropriate access.

Mobile Access: Some versions of the software offer mobile apps, enabling users to manage inventory on-the-go, perform audits, and receive alerts from their smartphones or tablet


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