Not Just Digital Marketing, but Digital Empowerment!

Allow your Business to Express, Engage & Evolve with Our Value-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions!

FABTARY is a team of young, experienced, and passionate digital empowerment professionals. We firmly believe in the potential of digital marketing to help businesses establish, grow, and sustain. Accordingly, we craft digital marketing solutions to bolster business growth by leveraging digital platforms relevant to a particular business.

We provide end-to-end digital marketing solutions to businesses in Durban and beyond. Each team member amasses years of experience and expertise in devising result-oriented digital marketing solutions and delivering results. These factors qualify us as a comprehensive digital marketing company in Durban

Our digital marketing services in Durban include:

In this era, SPEED matters and we understand this well. Its not just our SOP but also our commitment to complete projects, transform the organization and digitise the entire system with SPEED.


Our Values

Customer Centricity

We place customers at the centre of everything we do. We brew digital marketing strategies to help our clients grow, succeed, and outperform their competitors.


We do not make tall promises but practical commitments that give you a clear picture of the value we will deliver to you. Additionally, we keep you updated on the project's progress to enable you to measure your success at all times.

Time-Bound Service Delivery

We look at time as a commercial constraint, which, if not adhered to, can result in losses. As a result, we strategize, design, execute strategies and deliver results in time. So, with us, you will always have a competitive edge.

Futuristic Innovations

We understand that digital marketing keeps evolving. Accordingly, we provide sustainable digital marketing solutions to help you maintain relevance and competence amidst competition.

Result-Oriented Approach

While we follow the best digital marketing practices and adhere to the SLA, we focus on the outcome and the tangible success our strategies will yield.

Continuous Improvement

At FABTARY, we believe in improving ourselves, our strategies and solutions continuously. We compete with ourselves and better ourselves by the day. This approach of ours benefits our clients, as they enjoy an upward result graph.