Not Just Interactive Web Designs, But Immersive Web Experiences!

Every website has its unique charm. It tells a story – the story of the brand that it represents and opens the doors to a fruitful business relationship. A fully functional website delights users with its user experience and proves a commercial asset. However, websites prove productive when they have a fantastic design. At FABTARY, we understand the significant role websites play in building a business and creating fabulous web designs that give your business a digital advantage. No wonder, within a short time, we've grown to become a leading web design company in Durban, South Africa.

Top Web Design Company in Durban

Our Web Designing and Development Services

  • Corporate Web Designing and Development

    We work with SMEs, startups and global corporates across South Africa as their web design company. We design and develop corporate websites with a professional look and feel and enhance the user’s web browsing experience. Our web designers and graphic designers work tirelessly toward creating web designs, infographics and icons that make a solid impression.

  • Landing Pages

    Do you want to unveil a new product or service to your target audience? Well, then you need a focused and customised landing page that gives your prospects the necessary insights and enables them to connect with you. As one of the leading web design and development companies in Durban, we design the layout, the content, and also various other elements of the landing page to match it with your brand persona, and at the same time, add value to the users.

  • Custom Web Design and Development

    We understand, every business is distinct and comes with unique requirements. If you want to incorporate custom elements in your website, such as customised functionalities, tailored themes, etc., we’ve got you covered.

  • Mobile Web Design and Development

    The increasing use of mobile phones to browse websites makes it a must to create a mobile-friendly website. Accordingly, our web designers create mobile-friendly web designs that offer users a seamless mobile web browsing experience.

  • Responsive Web Design and Development

    You cannot ask the user to adjust his screen to view your website, can you? We create responsive web designs that automatically align or adapt themselves according to the user’s device. So, no matter the device your users use, rest assured, our responsive web design will make the website browsing a blissful experience.

  • eCommerce Websites Design and Development

    We also specialise in designing eCommerce websites across various tools such as Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce, Magento, Wix, etc. Our eCommerce web designs focus on user convenience, ease of navigation, ease of purchase, and the user’s journey with your brand. So, partner with us as your eCommerce web design company and enhance your conversion rates.


Our Web Design and Development Process

work process
  • Step 1

    Initial Design Discussion

    Our professionals meet your team and understand your needs and expectations to strategise the web design accordingly. We gather as much information as possible and leverage our expertise to determine your business’s needs on the design front.

  • Step 2

    Website Designing Planning

    We plan the design, determine the project's scope, create the sitemap, and structural flow of every webpage, coupled with the design, colour schemes, fonts, layout, etc.

  • Step 3

    Actual Designing Process

    Once the project plan and the design are finalised, we begin the actual design and development process. Our design is well-aligned with the business needs and with everything which is a part of the customer’s expectations.

  • Step 4

    Website Testing and Delivery

    We test the website thoroughly on every front, right from responsiveness to functionalities, etc., to ensure you get a comprehensively tested website.

  • Step 5

    Go Live!

    So, it is time to launch the website! This process involves moving your website files to your domain. Once again, we test the website to check if it is working well on your domain.

Aspects we Take Care of While Designing Websites

What Makes FABTARY a Fabulous Web Design Company in South Africa?

  • Custom web designs

  • Qualified and experienced web designers

  • Multiple and flexible web designing plans

  • Seamless user experience

  • Value-driven web designs