7 Surprising Ways Web Design Can Turbocharge Your Digital Marketing Strategy!

7 Surprising Ways Web Design

Imagine making every effort on social media to bring leads to your website, and more than 90 percent bouncing off due to a forgettable website experience! As a web design company in Durban, we understand how painful that can be. However, one of the reasons for such a high bounce rate may be the poor or incompetent web design.

Businesses must understand that their website isn’t merely an initial point of contact but the first impression. Most prospects first connect with a business through its website and enter the conference room later. However, that’s possible only when the website delivers a resonating experience. Because, if it isn’t up to the mark, users won’t think twice before dropping the idea of connecting with you.

Web design is a crucial aspect holistically associated with the overall experience it offers to users. It can make or break a digital marketing campaign. So, let’s look at eight ways a wonderful web design can fuel your digital marketing strategy.

  1.       Strengthening Online Presence

Having a website is fundamentally associated with a business’s online presence. What do people do when they hear about a brand for the first time? Search it on Google and look for its website, isn’t it? Now, imagine they are excited to search for a business that they feel can serve their needs but can’t find the website anywhere. Won’t they be disappointed? Remember, you wouldn’t get a second chance. So, a lead gone in such a manner may be gone forever!

Accordingly, in the first place, it is important to have a website. And the journey to having a website begins with web design! Without that, you won’t have a website, let alone generate business through the digital medium.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website design is one of the most significant aspects of SEO. Of course, other elements like content, navigability, etc., also matter. However, the story begins with web design, which forms the base of an optimized website.

That’s because search engines have an extensive criterion while ranking a particular website. Web design is one of them. Elements like the website’s visual appeal, interactivity, intuitiveness, branding consistency, etc., count when the search engine crawler runs millions of websites through the web space to find those with the most relevant insights and user experience. Then come aspects like content and keywords.

Thus, no matter the effort you make in championing SEO, if your website design isn’t engaging enough, search engines will not rank your website, as they will have much better websites to showcase to users. Somehow, even if the website gets ranked, it won’t sustain the ranking as search engines deal with a bazillion websites and content uploads daily. So, come something better, your website will be moved down.

Thus, one of the keys to achieving SEO success is to have a design professionally created by web design agencies in Durban. They precisely know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to web design. They help businesses develop competent websites that compete well and are likely to rank better.

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization

While leads and traffic matter, they deliver value only when they convert to prospects and from prospects to customers. Web design plays a crucial role in lead conversions. It is because the website’s look is one of the measures of its credibility.

So, should you have a sophisticated design with premium visuals? Seems a great idea! However, heavier graphics and elements can affect the website’s speed and make it respond slowly. On the other hand, having an excessively simple design doesn’t work either. It won’t be engaging enough? So, how do you deal with it?

The answer is maintaining a balance between functionality and simplicity. Of course, it isn’t as straightforward. But if you want to increase the website’s conversion rate, you should ensure your website is simple and light enough to function seamlessly and sophisticated enough to drive a higher CRO.

Working this equation out requires you to partner with web design and web development companies in Durban, South Africa. Researching user expectations, competitor websites, and search engine needs will help you draw useful insights to craft the perfect blend of functionality and visual appeal.

  1. Web Branding

Web design is fundamentally associated with the website’s aesthetics. Hence, it is closely related to the branding elements of a particular website. A consistent web design helps establish brand consistency across multiple digital marketing channels. Aspects like typography, color schemes, images, etc. should be fine-tuned to your brand identity. Ensuring their consistency helps deliver a cohesive user experience, emphasize a specific fashion of brand messaging, and build trust and recognition within the target audience. A consistent web design helps uniformize branding. Furthermore, it supports a business’s other digital marketing efforts across social media, search engines, and email.

  1. Brand Impressions

Practically, you cannot convert or expect every visitor to convert into a prospect or customer. Some may visit your website only to fetch some information. An excellent and competent web design with easy navigation, visually appealing content, and superior graphics can create and leave a brand impression.

Yes. Impressions surely matter. They create a lasting memory and refer to a strategy that may reap results later if not instantly. Impressed users may recommend your website to others for specific information. Individually, all these factors may seem insignificant. However, if you look at their collective impact, you’d benefit from them on various fronts like search engine rankings, brand trust, and impressions!

  1. Mobile Responsiveness

The increasing use of mobile phones makes mobile responsiveness another significant aspect of website design, influencing a company’s digital marketing efforts. A mobile responsive website refers to a site that aligns itself quickly to any mobile screen to deliver a seamless and consistent experience across every device.

Now, is the increasing use of mobile phones the only reason to have a mobile-responsive website? No. Incorporating mobile-friendliness in web design is necessary as most users interact with social media campaigns or search for something (particularly local) on their mobile phones. Being redirected to a website that opens swiftly and delivers a flawless browsing experience can add to user delight. It can complement the company’s digital marketing efforts. If not, it can turn the campaign futile. Refer to the first example we gave at the beginning of the blog!

  1.   Business Opportunities

Digital marketing can drive business opportunities but only when the web design is supportive and engaging enough. For example, a small loan financial institution connects with a software company through a very effective LinkedIn campaign. Impressed initially, the bank’s decision-makers feel a little disappointed with the poor web design. The result? They repel and the company loses an opportunity forever! Thus, an effectively planned and implemented digital marketing campaign that drives leads requires an equally competent web design to convert them into sales.

While Signing Off

As a web design company in Durban, we cannot emphasize enough the significance of web design. However, we trust the above gives you sufficient reasons to work on web design if you haven’t already.

So, unleash the true power of web design and amplify your digital marketing impact with FABTARY, one of the leading web design agencies in Durban.

Our highly personalized, mobile-responsive, and SEO-friendly web designs incorporate all the elements leading to meaningful user experiences and pave the way to digital marketing success. So, please email us at info@fabtary.com to connect with our experts to navigate our web design expertise and discover how our unique approach can drive remarkable outcomes for your business.

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