10 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Courses Worldwide

Considered breakthrough technologies of the 21st century, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have revolutionized the world. Today, almost every individual in the world, no matter what they do, depends on AI-ML to some extent and in some form. The GPS you use and the OTTs you browse also use AI-ML to some extent!

But what’s even more interesting and noteworthier is the exponential pace at which Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning is growing and evolving – both as technology and as a career. Speaking of the latter, millions globally are considering a career in AI-ML and looking to pursue AI and Machine Learning specialization to make a futuristic choice.

If you also are one among them, you’ve made the right choice and come to the right place. Many universities and colleges worldwide have ventured into the AI-ML education space. They are offering various AI and ML courses. To help you streamline your choice, this blog discusses the top 10 Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning courses worldwide.

Note: Below is a random list of ten Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning courses. The rankings aren’t based on any parameters or criteria. Also, for updated and additional information on the AI and Machine Learning specialization courses mentioned below, we recommend visiting the institution’s website or connecting with it.

10 Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Specialization Courses Worldwide

AI-ML careers represent a new generation of opportunities. Many consider them a disruption to conventional jobs. If they think so, they are correct. That’s because AI-ML will make millions of jobs across various domains redundant soon. While that’s true, looking at the greener side will let you discover a broad horizon featuring nearly 100 million new career opportunities by as early as 2025!

Thus, choosing AI-ML as a career signifies a futuristic choice. Here are ten courses to translate that visionary decision into a promising and bright career.

  • AI For Everyone – Coursera
The course is offered by deeplearning.ai and is one of the best AI courses around. It covers learning ML and its functions, technicalities of ML, and non-technical explanations of deep learning. After completing the course, students can assess their options of pursuing further courses of comprehensive AI education and enhance their career opportunities.
  • Artificial Intelligence Certification Program – Stanford University
Offered by the reputed Stanford University, the Artificial Intelligence Certification Program is an excellent course for computer programming and language programming students and software engineers looking to work in AI. The comprehensive course entails learning logic and probabilistic models, ML and knowledge representation, and many other aspects like Natural Language Processing (NLP), robotics, and visual learning.
  • IBM Applied AI Certification Course – Coursera
Coming from the global business giant IBM, the course is an excellent learning program to instruct people to use Python, and build virtual assistants and chatbots for their business. In addition, it comprises learning neural networks, deep learning, and machine learning. The course also covers topics like application of visual techniques to upload various design and classification models and using minimal coding to create AI-powered programs with Python, IBM’s Watson AI Service, and APIs.
  • Artificial Intelligence Masterclass – Udemy
If you want to build robust AI and hybrid AI models, Udemy’s Artificial Intelligence Masterclass has got you covered. The course’s inclusions include building hybrid intelligence systems, deep learning of recurrent neural networks and NeuroEvolution, comprehending and implementing completely connected neural networks, working with Genetic Algorithms, Evolution Strategies, and Policy Gradients and more.
  • Machine Learning Educational Resources – Google
This course covers the fundamental understanding of ML, recommendation systems, data clustering, and AI explorable. In addition, it teaches you how to test and debug ML and use AI responsibly for society. The course also enables you to build skills to help prevent social media sites discrepancies at the ground level.
  • Artificial Intelligence A-Z
Artificial Intelligence A-Z is another comprehensive course providing a broad understanding of AI techniques like data science, deep learning, and ML. The course’s topics include designs for AI, AI applications, gaining knowledge of A3C, creating virtual autonomous or self-driven vehicles, and controlling advanced AI models. After the course, you may apply for jobs in advanced AI programming and contribute to developing real-world AI technologies.
  • Introduction to AI for Managers – Udemy
If you want to gain a comprehensive understanding of AI’s technical components, you may choose Udemy’s Introduction to AI for Managers. The course covers methods for locating chances and using AI to progress an organization’s initiative. It also trains you on managing AI projects effectively to accomplish remarkable goals and results for your project.
  • Harvard’s CS50 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python – edX
Knowing how to use AI with Python can become a valuable qualification, considering Python’s use and significance in AI-driven systems. With this course, Harvard University offers an opportunity for you to earn a Verified Certification in using AI with Python to understand and execute AI technology with sophisticated math concepts. The course teaches working with Bayesian networks and Markov models, building constraint satisfaction designs, understanding probability theories and logical conclusions to comprehend the process of building AI-based devices, etc.
  • AI Applications with Watson by IBM – edX
AI involves replicating human intelligence. So, how about learning how to create more intelligent AI programs for more realistic and humane responses? AI Applications with Watson by IBM – edX would help you learn it. The course’s topic inclusions are designing Watson to analyze tone and client preferences, programming AI to transcribe and assess massive data sets, and applying particular functions to enhance efficiency. By the end of the course, you should be able to design more intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants.
  • The Beginner’s Guide to AI in Unity – Udemy
Another AI course by Udemy, the course teaches how to create and navigate non-player characters in Google Play and App Store games with C#. The course covers Vector Mathematics, complicated behavioral patterns, converting Finite State Machines to function on NavMesh, traversing from Waypoint to NavMesh, learning animation on NavMesh and synchronizing agent speed in varying sizes, and many more. Career opportunities after the course may include game testing, game designing, etc.
The above is only the tip of the iceberg, considering the thousands of other institutions offering classroom and online AI and Machine Learning specialization courses. Nevertheless, we trust the above proves a starting point and helps you make informed decisions in your endeavor to make Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning your career.
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