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Are you looking for software development services and solutions for your business in Durban, SA?
Do you want to deliver a delightful experience to users with incredible mobile apps?
FABTARY has got you covered! With a proven track record and numerous client success stories, FABTARY serves as a bankable custom software development company, digital marketing agency, and mobile app development services provider in Durban, SA. Call on us, and we'll prove a worthwhile choice in the long run.

We deliver results and
increase profitability

Delivering results to our clients have been our top priority. This makes us different from many others. We work with our clients to solve their business needs and calibrate our solutions with their business objectives.


Increase in the project profitability


Growth on social media with sheer Power of content


Growth on social media with sheer Power of content


Set Your Success Roadmap and Achieve Predictable Outcomes

Why settle for anything less than what your business wants? Today, we live in an age of bespoke solutions. So, craft customized software and technology solutions your business requires to thrive! FABTARY is geared up to make a positive difference in your business.

Solution designed for you, owned by you

We design the solutions to suit your business needs and you get to own them to make future adaptations.

Solutions those improve your bottom line

We design systems and solutions to improve productivity, increase profitability.

WhatsApp Bot Solutions in Durban, South Africa

FABTARY delivers AI-powered WhatsApp and other messaging bots that help you to focus more on business as AI takes care of your messaging.

Multilingual Chatbot

Conversational experience to your prospects and customers with multilingual capabilities

Conversational Forms

Allow your bot to ask for one piece of information at once from your prospect or customer


We work with SPEED​

We strive to create exceptional digital marketing products and services that help you to stand apart from your competition. We are known to work with SPEED.

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Забота о старшем поколении: гериатрическое отделение

Забота о старшем поколении: гериатрическое отделение

Больница активно участвует в профилактике и борьбе с инфекционными заболеваниями, проводя мероприятия по санитарной гигиене, вакцинации и контролю за распространением инфекции. Обучают посетителей принимать ответственность..

GetX | скачать игру GetX, отзывы, вся правда

GetX | скачать игру GetX, отзывы, вся правда

СодержимоеOnline платформа GetX: краткий обзор слотов и короткий обзор возможностей для заработка денегКак можно ставить средства в этой игреПопулярная онлайн-игра GetX: история проекта и базовая..

Transforming Customer Communication with Affordable WhatsApp Chatbot Builders!

With 24/7 operations, quick and accurate responses, and reduced manual intervention, WhatsApp chatbots have nearly revolutionized client communication. They are advanced communication systems that help..


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We collaborate with latest technolgies in the market

Our dynamic team of professional developers have hands-on experience working on the latest technologies and learning to adapt to the changes happening in the industry. We offer our clients a wide range of solutions to keep them ahead of the curve. Core
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Microsoft SQL Server
C Sharp
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere

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